March 18, 2019

WP Thyroid 1 grain (65 mg) is shipping

STRENGTHS IN PRODUCTION: Nature-Throid ½ grain (32.5 mg), Nature-Throid ¾ grain (48.75 mg), Nature-Throid 1 grain (65 mg), Nature-Throid 1.5 grain (97.5 mg), Nature-Throid 2 grain (130 mg), and WP 1 grain (65 mg)

We are happy to share that, while we are still working through the backorder, we are actively producing and shipping the strengths listed above. At the bottom of this page are suggestions for doctors and pharmacies that are having trouble obtaining available strengths, and for patients having trouble locating them.

Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid unfortunately became backordered primarily due to major hurdles we started experiencing in obtaining a key raw material. These hurdles disrupted our ability to not only keep up with the growing demand for our medications, but to also keep them cost-effective. We ate burgeoning costs for as long as we could to maintain the affordability of our medications and had minimal price increases compared to others, but the path was unsustainable. We are and have been actively in production and are maximizing our working capacity to fill backorders and get back to our usual pace.

Despite what you may have heard, here are the REAL facts:

We sincerely apologize for the strain this delay has caused for our customers and patients. Your understanding and continued support are greatly appreciated as we make every effort to get back on track as quickly as possible.

DOCTORS AND PHARMACISTS: If you are unable to obtain available strengths and have already submitted updated usage and/or placed an order with your distribution center, please contact us directly for assistance via the Provider tab on our contact form.

PATIENTS: If you are having trouble getting an available strength from your local pharmacies, we recommend checking any of the mail-order pharmacies listed on our website. The states shown only indicate where they are located; please check the pharmacy’s website or contact them to see where they ship. When getting your prescription filled through any pharmacy–brick & mortar or mail-order–we also recommend asking for both the cash price and insurance price (pending coverage) as all pharmacies set their own prices. 

This statement will continue to be updated until all strengths are fully stocked and available again. Please direct all medical or health-related questions to your healthcare provider.