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Find a Pharmacy

When you and your doctor decide that Natural Desiccated Thyroid is the right medication for you, filling your prescription is the final step to begin your natural treatment for hypothyroidism. Find a mail order pharmacy below that can help.

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International Mail Order Pharmacies

We have limited shipping capabilities to pharmacies and distributors located outside the United States. If you are a patient located outside of the U.S., one of the International Mail Order pharmacies listed below may be able to help fill your prescription.

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Supporting Your Treatment

While you’re waiting for your prescription to arrive, you can prepare to support your thyroid treatment with our physician-recommended natural supplements.

i-Throid® and a-Drenal® offer a high degree of bioavailability for long-term, consistent thyroid support. Optimize your thyroid care with these natural supplements, which have been formulated to work synergistically with our medications to relieve your hypothyroidism symptoms.